What we do

Electrical Contracting Excellence

West & West have a vast amount of experience in handling all types of electrical installation and maintenance projects across a wide range of industries. West & West understand that each discipline has a unique set of challenges and circumstances that require specialist knowledge and application. As a result, we have a team of fully qualified electricians who have specialist experience in their chosen field, which allows us send the right electrician, with the right skills to the right job.

Areas of expertise include:


Electrical contracting was the founding discipline of our company, with a client base including Galliford Try Construction South, Kier Building Services, Francis Construction, HS Dev and MJC Decorating and Refurbishing.

Lighting Design:

Our lighting designers have many years experience working on varying sizes of project. They use state of the art equipment and software to make sure the designs provide the optimum amount of lighting and that the client is happy before any installation takes place.

Preventative Maintenance:

West & West maintain all aspect of premises electrical installations, from regular lamp changes and additional sockets to full re-wiring and refurbishments.

Reactive Maintenance:

West & West offer a 24/7 call out maintenance service to many retail clients. We understand that if your power goes down, you need someone to attend in the shortest time possible, therefore we operate a priority system to make sure your business can keep running.

Emergency Lighting:

All emergency lighting requires regular inspection and testing to make sure that under emergency conditions, it functions properly. West & West show their clients how to comply with legislation and learn how to carry out these regular inspections. We can also perform the inspections on your behalf.

Fire Detection:

Automatic fire detection equipment requires regular inspection and testing to ensure the condition of each device is working correctly and will perform under emergency conditions. West & West can carry out regular test and inspections of your fire detection system and record the results to satisfy current regulations.

Periodic Testing:

Fixed electrical systems require regular inspections to ensure there is no risk to the building or to people in the form of electrocution or fire. West & West can carry out the annual checks on your fixed electrical systems and issue the correct certification.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT):

Items of electrical equipment that can be moved easily and plugged into fixed power outlets require regular testing and inspections, at intervals between three months and one year depending on the environmental conditions. West & West can carry out these tests and issue certification for your portable appliances.

Data Cabling:

West & West have highly qualified engineers who specialise in the installation of reliable IT infrastructure which is critical to ensuring network performance and stability.

Hot Tub Electrics:

To save time and money when trying to find an electrician to install a supply for your hot tub or swimming pool, please contact West & West. We have many years experience from working closely with a local hot tub company, so we know the exact electrical requirements needed for your peace of mind.

Energy Saving & Renewable Energy:

We offer consultations to show our customers ways in which they can use energy more efficiently, from automatic lighting systems to offsetting renewable energy.

Key Sectors

When commissioning a project to a contractor, it is helpful to know if they have experience in the industry sector that you are in. Experience in a specific sector gives added peace of mind that the company will know the correct regulations and possible constraints of a project. West and West have experience in many key sectors.

Our portfolio of key sector experience includes:

Industrial – Commercial – Retail – Educational – Public – Bespoke Residential

In all of these key sectors, we can offer a wide range of electrical installation and maintenance services.

For more information on the types of projects that we have run in these sectors, please visit our projects page.